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    Nasir Khan Jan sends a message to the famous actress Neelam Munir

    The man Nasir Khan Jan is a really famous person these days on the social media with a doubt. He has 200k likes on his page.

    He made his name with his video which went viral “how to eat a carrot” moreover he got even more famous with his birthday wishes and song dedicating skills. No matter what this guy really knows how to entertain his followers.

    The celebrity

    He has done seriously crazy things more like outrageous things at times. A lot of people were grossed out of his actions especially when he took up the unique challenge of gobbling down cake and noodles.

    He always comes up with something new that surprises his followers and as expected he brought something new for his followers, he sent a video message to the famous actress Neelam Munir claiming that they both are good friends and he wants to work with her as they belong to the same place.

    He further went on saying that something is going on between them and gave her a kiss at the end of the video.

    Enjoy the video.

    I hope you enjoyed the video. Looking forward to see the both talented actors working together. Leave your comments to share what you think about them working together on a similar platform. 😀

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    Mahira Khan’s upcoming film ‘Verna’ banned by The Censor Board

    After six years Shoaib Mansoor was going to return to the cinemas with his upcoming movie Verna. He was really appreciated for his last production Bol which was a really big success.

    Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) just banned the movie while stating that Verna is termed as indecent for audiences.

    According to resources filmmaker Shoaib Mansoor has gone into appeal with censor board today for urgent relief for his film.

    The main story of the movie so far is that Mahira’s Character was raped and now she seeks vengeance against the men involved 

    The film now awaits review under the full board. Mahira Khan said in a statement that recent controversies caused a bad effect on her mind despite this she has been seen tirelessly doing the press for her upcoming movie.

    Further commenting on the movie she said that I asked them not to put my name on the poster but apparently they thought that it was a good idea.

    The movie has no romantic scenes or songs. It is purely a story of a woman who decides to make the men who have wronged her pay for what they have done.

    In short Mahira said that her character is kind of women who don’t have fear in her DNA.

    ‘Verna banned’ when the news hit the social media a lot of people started talking about it.

    Some people blamed the whole thing on politicians


    Some people even denied the though of it.

    Some people think that it might me a publicity stunt.


    What are your thoughts about the ban on the movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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    Katy Perry making a surprise entrance on a couple’s weeding day

    Katy Parry is known for her awesome and adventurous nature. Surprising a beautiful couple on their wedding day was yet surprising for her fans and everyone else. We all mostly like surprises but such a surprise on your weeding would definitely be a memorable moment for your entire life.

    The Pop star Katy Perry made a surprise entrance at an American couple’s weeding in St Louis. She made the moment quite attractive by dancing with the newlywed couple and taking photos with them.

    The most interesting thing is.

    “Katy Perry asked the bride and groom if she could come in and crash their wedding, and they both said yes,” a wedding guest Amy Prada told AFP.

    The photographer of the wedding Ray Prop told St Louis Magazine that it was quite late as he was packing his thing to leave when suddenly Katy just went up to the bride and groom and said, “Do you mind if we crash your wedding?”. At first we all didn’t recognized her, she was wearing a baseball cap was in a rush.

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    Parents of Dhinchak Pooja are not happy with her.

    Parents of Dhinchak Pooja are not happy with Pooja’s decision taking part in the reality show Bigg Boss. Dhinchak Pooja is an internet sensation these days because of her songs on YouTube. Bigg Boss went on being interesting as she entered in the show as a wild card.

    According to an Indian news entertainment website a contestant in Bigg Boss asked her what her parents were thinking about her taking part in the show. She said that her family does not appreciate her doing such thinks and participating in the show because she wants to.

    After this statement Salman Khan said:

    They don’t like it? That’s like my parents!

    A wild Card entry of Pooja was rather surprising for everyone but she explained the reason behind her coming late in the show. She stated that she was working on a composition and could not participate in the show earlier. She entered in the show after releasing her song.

    Honestly speaking we don’t want to know which song has been released before coming to Bigg Boss.

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    Walking to the door with a knife, Sunny Leone comments on Cyber Harassment

    Cyber bullying is not a rare thing these days. A lot of celebrities go through this unpleasant thing. Sunny Leone going through the same thing commented on it that she had to add an extra layer of security around her house for fear of an attack a deranged stalker.

    Like any other celebrity Sunny Leone also has a huge fan following around the globe. On regular basis she get abused and threatened on social media but it’s not that much of a big deal for celebrities like her.

    Mostly people keep such stuff to themselves but Sunny opened herself and shared some details. She used to walk to the door with a knife in her hand at night after being harassed online by a bully.

    Someone threatened me telling me that he will come to my house to cause harm, she added. These incidents happened when her husband (Weber) was not in the country; Sunny was living all alone in the house. She further added that she would hear noises outside her house.


    Changing the house didn’t made things better.

    Sunny further revealed that on Twitter a user with a sizable fan following had threatened her to turn up with a mob at her house and break into her home. Threats were increasing day by day so she had to change her house.

    “He started banging on my door. That his twitter followers had also bullied me, made me fear that a mob would turn up and break into my house.” She said. “We changed our house later, but this incident still affects me,” added Sunny.

    The actress has joined hands with a NGO to stop cyber harassment and online abuse.

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    A little girl wrote Google in summers, asking a day off for her father. Google responded.

    Tired of your daily work? If you want a day off from your stressing work we have an advice for you. Ask your daughter to send a really cute letter to your boss asking to you a day off.

    You might be thinking that this is not that much of an impressive method to get a day off. But it really works and if it’s written in crayons you have better chances of getting one

    Now let’s come to the story


    One little girl decided to share some quality time with his father while his father busy with his work as all fathers are. So she wrote his boss, which happens to be Google, a letter asking that can they give him a holiday from his work schedule.

    The letter reads

    Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off. Like he can get a day off on Wednesday. Because daddy only gets a day off on Saturday.
    From, Katie
    P.S it’s Daddy’s Birthday
    P.P.S It is summer, you know.

    Don’t know what attracted Google may it was the crayon or perhaps it was the final sentence about it being summer but it convinced Google.

    Daniel Shiplacoff Senior Design Manager was really touched by that letter he complimented on Katie’s fathers hard work and dedication towards Google, he gave him a bonus week off.

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    Atif Aslam sings a new song ‘Janee De’ in an upcoming Indian movie ‘Qarib Qarib Single’

    Irfan is coming to cinemas in November with his new movie “Qarib Qarib single” in which he is playing a man named as yogi. Yogi is chasing after his past love in the movie. Supporting his feelings for his past love Atif Aslam sings a song for him “Janee De” in the movie.



    The song reached 1.8 million views on Youtube in just two days. The audience loves him and admits that there is no replacement for Atif in the singing world.

    The movie is filming a well know south Indian actress Parvathy as the female lead.  The movie will hit the cinemas on 10 November, 2017.

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    Alyssa Milano’s tweet explains the reason behind #MeToo trend

    #MeToo trend highlights the sexual harassment women have to suffer in the present time is getting viral on the social media. Thousands of women around the world are being a part of this awareness and sharing their stories. It is unclear who started this hashtag though it is shared more then 6000 times.

    A tweet by Alyssa Milano got viral on twitter in which she explains the main reason for this hashtag,   if people who have been sexually assaulted or harassed tweet “me too” it might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

    How it all started.

    Harvey Weinstein’s alleged history of sexual assault took all the social media’s attention. A lot of people have taken Twitter to speak against him. More than 30 women have come forward with accusations against the man.

    The famous actress Alyssa Milano previously wrote a blog on Weinstein ’sexual assault story. According to the blog she said that she is sickened and angered over the disturbing accusations of Weinstein’s sexual predation and abuse of power.

    On the other hand I am happy that it has opened up a dialogue around the continued sexual harassment and degradation of women.

    UN Women also became a part of it and tweeted.

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    Salman Khan just announced his new movie Bharat to be released on Eid 2019

    Salman is known for releasing movies on Eid. He just announced his new project Bharat to be released on Eid 2019 according to Indian media.

    Atul Agnihotri the producer of some super hit movies like Sultan (2016) and Bodyguard (2016) is working with Salman along with filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar on the upcoming project Bharat.

    Agnihotri said

    “It’s a journey of a country and also a person, both of whom go by the name of Bharat”.

    Explaining Salman’s character she further added that it’s a character that I thought would resonate with him. I am very conscious of Salman’s fan base and what they want.

    As it is a family movie so it’s worthy of coming on Eid festival very producer prefers it, she concluded. The casting of the movie is in process.

    But be ready for Tiger Zinda Hai.

    Get ready fans because you are going to see Salman in Tiger Zinda ha in December with Katrina Kaif, another film by Ali Abbas Zafar.

    According to Indian media the cast of this movie includes a south Indian movie actor Sudeep who will play the role of Zahir an ISI agent based in Pakistan.

    Katrina Kaif is going to be the agent of the same organization. Girish Karnad and Gavie Chahal are considered to be the supporting actors in the film.


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    PIA replying its critics in a unique way

    We all know that PIA in the recent times is having a rather complicated reputation then it had in the past. The airline had been enrolled in a lot of scandals and has been gaining a lot of bad press these days.

    The bad news is that not just in Pakistan, PIA airline has a bad reputation all over the world and somehow is considered to be a bad airline as compared to other airlines.

    14 PIA men caught smuggling drugs (ANF) 

    Anti-Narcotics Federation caught PIA men smuggling drugs.Anti-Narcotics Federation arrested 14 PIA men for drug smuggling through planes which shocked the PIA authorities and disturbed their reputation in the social media.


    A PIA pilot was once jailed for 9th months because he was drunk. The Pakistani pilot told that he had drunk three quarters of whisky but had stopped drinking about 19 hours of the planned take-off to the Airbus.

    20 kilogram heroin recovered from PIA  Flight 785

    On May 22,2017 PIA flight 785 which was destined to depart for London from Benazir Bhutto International Airport. During a scheduled inspection 20 kilograms of heroin was caught.

    Mahsood Tajwar PIA spokesperson while interviewing with Dawn News confirmed that the specific contraband was recovered from that flight.

    He further added that the flight was delayed for 2 hours and was searched properly by Anti-Narcotics and PIA security team.

    After being criticized so much PIA has finally replied to its hatters in a unique way.




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    “Proving that no disability can keep you from achieving your dreams” Muniba Mazari

    One cannot possibly imagine living a life without her or his legs. No matter how hard you try you still feel something is missing. All these negative thoughts haunt you for the rest of your life.

    But there is one person who went through all this and still inspiring others how to live happily and be thankful for what you have.

    Meet Muniba Mazari.

    Muniba Mazari is strong Pakistani artist, motivational speaker and an activist. She is Pakistan’s first wheel-chair bound model. Her call fell into a ditch while she was travelling.

    The young girl lost her legs at the age of 21 because of that horrible accident. The accident affected her physically but it was unable to affect her mentally.

    She described the story that bounded her to that wheel-chair in her own words:

    “After taking me out of the ditch, I was put in a Potohar Jeep as there weren’t ambulances in Baluchistan. I asked people where my legs were, and that I couldn’t feel them.
    They said, ‘They are right here.’ I was very composed, I didn’t cry. At the hospital, I told the doctors, “I am half paralyzed, I can’t feel anything.’ I was in severe physical and psychological pain, but I didn’t cry. Where did I get the courage to stay calm? I don’t know, all I know is when you have lost something you cannot cry.”


    What kept her going?

    We all know after going through so much it is not easy to forget the past and start living a new life. We all admire her how she pushed the past back and start living a happy life. Talking about what kept her going she shares the following:

    “I was so happy when I sat in a wheelchair for the first time. So what if I lost my legs? I have two wheels now.  The first thing I did was to put on some lipstick and check myself out in the mirror.

    I thought that I looked like a clown and that a person on a wheelchair can never look good, so I removed the lipstick. But then I put it back on because I decided to accept myself for the way I am. I became so brave after the accident.

    After losing so much and being surrounded by so much negativity, I realized I had nothing left to lose. I wanted to prove the world that a disable person can live a happy, fulfilling life too.”

    She developed a passion to help others in need.

    After so much she has been through, the strength within her didn’t gave up on life and since then she became a symbol of hope for all those who are disable.

    She is an inspiration for all those people who think that life has taken a lot from them. We hope she keeps doing the great work that she has for the longest time possible.

    She is Pakistan’s first Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. We all hope she continues her good and keep inspiring and making many lives better.

    Watch her inspirational and motivational speech

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    Shaan making another entrance in the cinemas with a new movie ‘Arth 2’

    Shaan Shahid was last seen in the epic war movie ‘Yalgaar’. The movie was struck by many controversies as many were claiming that it was an attempt to propaganda.

    Recently in interviews Shaan talked about his upcoming movie ‘Arth 2’ which seems to be based on a Bollywood film of the same name directed by Mahesh Butt.

    Check out the trailer of the movie

    The movie was going to be a romantic one it’s going to be surprising for the audience as they are used to watch Shaan in rather action movies. Seeing Shaan in a romantic movie will be something different for the audience.

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