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Mahira Khan’s upcoming film ‘Verna’ banned by The Censor Board

After six years Shoaib Mansoor was going to return to the cinemas with his upcoming movie Verna. He was really appreciated for his last production Bol which was a really big success.

Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) just banned the movie while stating that Verna is termed as indecent for audiences.

According to resources filmmaker Shoaib Mansoor has gone into appeal with censor board today for urgent relief for his film.

The main story of the movie so far is that Mahira’s Character was raped and now she seeks vengeance against the men involved 

The film now awaits review under the full board. Mahira Khan said in a statement that recent controversies caused a bad effect on her mind despite this she has been seen tirelessly doing the press for her upcoming movie.

Further commenting on the movie she said that I asked them not to put my name on the poster but apparently they thought that it was a good idea.

The movie has no romantic scenes or songs. It is purely a story of a woman who decides to make the men who have wronged her pay for what they have done.

In short Mahira said that her character is kind of women who don’t have fear in her DNA.

‘Verna banned’ when the news hit the social media a lot of people started talking about it.

Some people blamed the whole thing on politicians


Some people even denied the though of it.

Some people think that it might me a publicity stunt.


What are your thoughts about the ban on the movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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