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Nasir Khan Jan sends a message to the famous actress Neelam Munir

The man Nasir Khan Jan is a really famous person these days on the social media with a doubt. He has 200k likes on his page.

He made his name with his video which went viral “how to eat a carrot” moreover he got even more famous with his birthday wishes and song dedicating skills. No matter what this guy really knows how to entertain his followers.

The celebrity

He has done seriously crazy things more like outrageous things at times. A lot of people were grossed out of his actions especially when he took up the unique challenge of gobbling down cake and noodles.

He always comes up with something new that surprises his followers and as expected he brought something new for his followers, he sent a video message to the famous actress Neelam Munir claiming that they both are good friends and he wants to work with her as they belong to the same place.

He further went on saying that something is going on between them and gave her a kiss at the end of the video.

Enjoy the video.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Looking forward to see the both talented actors working together. Leave your comments to share what you think about them working together on a similar platform. 😀


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