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PIA replying its critics in a unique way

We all know that PIA in the recent times is having a rather complicated reputation then it had in the past. The airline had been enrolled in a lot of scandals and has been gaining a lot of bad press these days.

The bad news is that not just in Pakistan, PIA airline has a bad reputation all over the world and somehow is considered to be a bad airline as compared to other airlines.

14 PIA men caught smuggling drugs (ANF) 

Anti-Narcotics Federation caught PIA men smuggling drugs.Anti-Narcotics Federation arrested 14 PIA men for drug smuggling through planes which shocked the PIA authorities and disturbed their reputation in the social media.


A PIA pilot was once jailed for 9th months because he was drunk. The Pakistani pilot told that he had drunk three quarters of whisky but had stopped drinking about 19 hours of the planned take-off to the Airbus.

20 kilogram heroin recovered from PIA  Flight 785

On May 22,2017 PIA flight 785 which was destined to depart for London from Benazir Bhutto International Airport. During a scheduled inspection 20 kilograms of heroin was caught.

Mahsood Tajwar PIA spokesperson while interviewing with Dawn News confirmed that the specific contraband was recovered from that flight.

He further added that the flight was delayed for 2 hours and was searched properly by Anti-Narcotics and PIA security team.

After being criticized so much PIA has finally replied to its hatters in a unique way.





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