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Walking to the door with a knife, Sunny Leone comments on Cyber Harassment

Cyber bullying is not a rare thing these days. A lot of celebrities go through this unpleasant thing. Sunny Leone going through the same thing commented on it that she had to add an extra layer of security around her house for fear of an attack a deranged stalker.

Like any other celebrity Sunny Leone also has a huge fan following around the globe. On regular basis she get abused and threatened on social media but it’s not that much of a big deal for celebrities like her.

Mostly people keep such stuff to themselves but Sunny opened herself and shared some details. She used to walk to the door with a knife in her hand at night after being harassed online by a bully.

Someone threatened me telling me that he will come to my house to cause harm, she added. These incidents happened when her husband (Weber) was not in the country; Sunny was living all alone in the house. She further added that she would hear noises outside her house.


Changing the house didn’t made things better.

Sunny further revealed that on Twitter a user with a sizable fan following had threatened her to turn up with a mob at her house and break into her home. Threats were increasing day by day so she had to change her house.

“He started banging on my door. That his twitter followers had also bullied me, made me fear that a mob would turn up and break into my house.” She said. “We changed our house later, but this incident still affects me,” added Sunny.

The actress has joined hands with a NGO to stop cyber harassment and online abuse.


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